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How to Make the Most of Rewards Programs

Learn how to make the most of rewards programs in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


I'm going to share some tips on how to make the most of the different rewards programs that are out there. So when we think about rewards programs, they kind of come in two different forms. Some are with your credit card, right? Those cash back rewards that we're used to seeing on the commercials and that sort of thing, where with any purchase, you receive a percentage of cash back using that credit card, maybe points, that kind of thing.

The other one is a store-based credit card. Macy's or Victoria's Secrets, you name it, they have their own credit cards. Usually if you use that credit card, you receive a percent off of your full purchase.

So first off, to make the most you need to make sure you're using that consistently. The more you use it, the more additional rewards you're going to get. Retailers respond to that usage by sending you additional discounts, extra cash back savings, whatever it might be as you use those reward programs more and more.

But to top that off we would suggest including cash back on all of those purchases. Quite often when you make a purchase online, and you use let's say your Target rewards card, you can add cash back through websites like so that you're ultimately getting your five percent off of your Target card, and getting an additional percentage in the form of cash back from these types of loyalty programs.

That can mean big savings, anywhere from five percent to twenty percent off of your purchase. Pair that with a coupon and you ultimately are getting some pretty significant savings.

So there's a little bit of information on how to get the most out of the different rewards programs that are out there.

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