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How to Stack Coupons & Drugstore Rewards

Learn how to stack coupons and drugstore rewards in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


I'm going to share some tips on how to stack coupons with drugstore rewards.

So the thing to understand about pharmacies or drugstores is that you are very valuable to them. Having a renewable prescription at a pharmacy is ultimately what they want so they're going to work hard to try to get you to do that.

Oftentimes they will offer you coupons or even rebates, pretty significant rebates, if you move your prescription from one store to another. And as you continue to renew your prescription you're going to be getting more and more rewards. And not just on your prescription, but more importantly on your other items that they might sell there, health and beauty, those types of items.

So the important thing to know here is that you're very important. You want to shop around to see which drug stores or pharmacies are willing to ultimately give you the most for having a prescription there. And then loyalty does pay off. The more loyal you are at these types of stores, the more discounts you're going to get on your prescriptions but more importantly on other items as well.

So there's some tips on how to stack coupons with drugstore loyalty programs.

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