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How to Get Discount Gift Cards

Learn how to get discount gift cards in this Howcast video.


I'm going to share some information on how to get discount gift cards. Now quite frankly this is probably the most hidden secret on how to save the most when you're shopping online. So there are a variety of websites out there that offer discounted gift cards. They basically put together a relationship with the merchants and they purchase gift cards in bulk at cheaper rates and offer them back. There's also several sites where you might get a gift card from your grandma or something like that that you're not really interested in and you sell it for a cheaper rate just so you can get some money off of it.

But ultimately, you can go online, look for gift cards and maybe get a $100 for $85. Okay? So let's start with that. You have $100 that you want to spend and you were able to go and get a gift card for $85. Now you can take that gift card and use it on a website like or any of the others that offer cash back. Now make sure that you look at the cash back guidelines for the store to make sure that cash back applies to gift card purchases, that you can use gift cards and earn cash back.

Most of them allow you to, but just make sure you look at the guidelines. So now you have $100 that you want to spend, you got an $85 gift card. Let's say you find a $10 off a $100 coupon, great and let's say you get an additional 5 percent cash back, wow. You're going to be able to spend basically $100. Right? You want $100 worth of merchandise and what you're spending is $67.50, right? Because you got that $15 off originally and then an additional $10 and then an additional 10 percent. That's really steep savings. Right? And it's not hard to do.

It takes a little bit of planning and organization, but if you do that on your purchases you are going to find that, that is really where you save the most when you shop online. So that's just a little hidden gem on how to find and use discount gift cards.

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