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How to Practice Good Coupon Etiquette

Learn how to practice good coupon etiquette in this Howcast video.


I'm going to talk to you about how to practice good couponing etiquette. So first off, let's start with the don'ts. Don't commit fraud. I know it seems basic, but make sure that you're bringing legitimate coupons to the store. If you bring in ones that you bought, or ones that you copied or scanned, or whatever it might be, those likely aren't going to work. They're going to hold you up in the checkout line, and probably bring frustration to just about everybody around you.

And don't be rude. Right? You're bringing a bunch of coupons to this cashier, and they have to go through and make sure everything works. Be polite, be patient, and recognize that everyone is having to wait a little bit longer for you to save extra money. That's okay. You should do that, but just make sure that you're not being rude in the process.

Another thing, when you're out shopping you'll often see coupons stuck to products. So you'll see a little sticky on a cereal box or maybe meat, whatever it might be. And it might be tempting just pick that coupon up so you can use it later or on that purchase right there. Well, if you are buying it, then you have every right to that little sticky coupon. If you are not, leave it there.

Now let's go to the other side, the dos. Be courteous. You have to recognize that you are going to be holding up a line. And that's okay. Just make sure that you are courteous to your fellow shoppers and to the cashier. Speaking of that, when you're going through, make sure and look and see how the cashiers are. We all know the newbies, Right? The rookies on the floor and the experienced cashiers. An experienced cashier is going to be able to handle coupons better so make sure you choose wisely.

Another tip. If you are going to buy a lot of one product, it's okay to call ahead and let the store know. They can place an order for you so that you're not clearing them out immediately.

So there's just a few dos and don'ts as it relates to coupon etiquette.

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