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How to Work with Online Couponing Communities

Learn how to work with online couponing communities in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


So here's a few ideas on how to work with online couponing communities. There's quite a few out there and ultimately what we would say is find one that gives you the information and the help that you need. It's hard. Couponing is not an easy thing and the more you do it, the more advice and tips that you might want to have help with. The other thing about couponing communities, though, is not just asking for help but giving help. And this can be a really interesting component.

There are many, many websites out there that offer you points or incentives to share coupons on their website. So is one of them, but there are several where you can go, create an account and upload coupons. And they will reward you points for those coupons. Now points are one thing but those points can mean real money. In any given week, many companies have competitions for those people who upload the most coupons. They might win a gift card for $250, you name it.

There's a lot of shopping to go around when you're trying to identify a community to take part in. And you can take part in many of them at the same time. But ultimately it's a great way to make friends, a great way to learn some new secrets and sometimes a great way to make a decent amount of money. So there's just a few tips on how to interact and find online coupon communities.

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