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How to Get Free Shipping

Learn how to get free shipping in this Howcast video.


I'm going to talk a little bit about how to get free shipping. So, when we think about a purchase we're going to make, we often want to go in store, and check it out, and look at it. But I will tell you, and you know, it depends on the store, but often times the in store price is going to be more expensive than the online price. It varies, it definitely varies by retailer. But sometimes you can apply online coupons, and they might have special deals for online. You'll ultimately save quite a bit more when you make that purchase online.

The catch, though, is shipping, right? That's what always keeps us from making that purchase is that 10, 12 dollar shipping charge. Well, not all retailers, but quite a few of them, do offer free shipping deals. There's generally going to be a threshold. So it'll say free shipping, 50 dollars plus. But ultimately, it's just making sure that you're aware of that, that you educate yourself on the threshold. Maybe take a step back and bulk up your purchases into one single purchase, so that you can reach that threshold, and ultimately get some maximum savings. So, there's just some strategies on how to get free shipping.

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