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How to Find Coupons on Facebook & Twitter

Learn how to find coupons on Facebook & Twitter in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


Here's some tips on how to find coupons on Facebook and Twitter. It's really ultimately about following the brands that you want coupons for, right? So if you really like particular brands or retailers, following them on Facebook means that they will bring coupons to your attention, or extra special savings, good sales. The secret though is that you might not always see it, right? We're on our phones, and we're scrolling through our Facebook feed, and you might never see that coupon, because it just kind of depends if Facebook wants to show you it. So the more you interact with that brand, the more that you like things, comment, share, the more likely you are to see those deals.

The other option you have is to just go straight to their profile page, and see any deals that they may have posted. In addition to brands, you can also look at couponing websites, like and others, that will offer coupons and that sort of thing within their own Facebook feeds. There's a lot out there, and you can get a little bit of Facebook inundation, but it can be really useful and alert you to savings that you weren't previously aware of.

Twitter is kind of the same thing, right? Many times the different brands or the coupon aggregators will tweet out coupons specific to their Twitter audience, so making sure that you're following them on Twitter is pretty important, so that you can get those deals. It can kind of fill your Twitter stream or your Facebook wall, but ultimately you'll be able to get a lot of great deals. So pick and choose, find the ones that make the most sense, and you're ultimately going to get some great deals.

The last thing is really looking at Facebook offers. So Facebook has its own kind of couponing offering, where they will show up in your feed, specific deals that you can get only through Facebook. Brands actually purchase this, they advertise coupons and deals on Facebook here. Now the more you claim, the more you're going to get, and these can be really good deals. Ultimately, you just click claim, and then you're going to get sent an e-mail with that offer, and you can use it wherever you might want to.

So there's just a few tips on how to get coupons through Facebook and Twitter.

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