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How to Print Electronic Coupons

Learn how to print electronic coupons in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


I'm going to share some quick tips on how to print electronic coupons. So we're all use to being able to get our coupons to us via our Sunday paper or the mail and clipping out. But a way to get access to those coupons that a lot of people don't think about is actually using your computer. You can go to a lot of different coupon sites and print out coupons that you can then bring into the store. Some of these are for stores you might find in the mall. Right?

There's printable coupons and you just simply print it off and it has a special barcode and you can apply it to your purchase. Grocery coupons are a little different though. Most of these sites have a collection of several dozen grocery coupons. At we have about 1,400, it varies from one site to the next. Each of these different sites have a special printing software that is downloaded onto your computer and it ultimately helps make sure to prevent coupon fraud. You can't print out dozens upon dozens of these coupons using this kind of software.

It will limit how many you can print. And that's important because we want to make sure that everybody stays in business and can keep providing us coupons, but that we can get access to them. So ultimately what you do is go to one of these sites, the software will usually just download really quickly and easily. It's nothing too technical at all and then you'll have access to print those coupons whenever you need them on your weekly grocery trips. So there's just a little bit of information on how to print electronic coupons.

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