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How to Use Cash Back Shopping Sites

Learn how to use cash back shopping sites in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


I'm going to talk to you a little bit about how to use cash back shopping sites. And frankly, this one's a little bit dear to my heart. I work for which is one of many cash back sites. And basically how they work is you go to the website and create an account. For the most part this is going to be a free account; not everybody has a free offering, but most sites do.

So you'll sign up with usually an email address, and then whenever you make a purchase you can get cash back on those purchases. Now it's only for a select number of stores, and some sites have more stores than others. We have thousands; some have a couple hundred, whatever it might be.

But ultimately how it works is when you make a purchase that store, that retailer, pays the referring site. So let's say it's, a commission for that purchase. And we share that commission with you in the form of cash back.

Now there are a couple different strategies when you think about cash back websites. First off you can shop around, different sites will offer varying levels of cash back for different merchants, you know, so one might have J C Penny at 2 percent and one might have it at 5 percent. So it's important to look around and see where you can get the most cash back.

Additionally there are some sites like ours that offer a cash back guarantee. So no matter the cash back that's out there, we will give 110 percent of the highest potential cash back you can find. There are some rules and some stipulations; you want to make sure that you understand them, as with anything in couponing or cash back. But ultimately if you're buying something online you're going to leave money on the table if you don't use a cash back website. Right? So you can often find coupons, but you can almost always get cash back. Don't leave that money on the table.

So there are just some quick tips on how to use cash back websites.

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