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How to Use Deal-of-the-Day Sites

Learn how to use deal-of-the-day sites in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


I'm going to share some information on how to use deal of the day sites. So there's really two different types of daily deal sites. One of them is for local purchases. So, Groupon, Living social, Amazon Local, Google Local, there’s a number of them. And what these sites ultimately do is offer pretty deep discounts on local restaurants, local activities those kinds of things.

The trick here is to number one, don't make a purchase you’re not going to use. Make sure that this is ultimately something that you will use in the future. And number two, when you can, apply cash back to it. Right? So that helps you to buy a Groupon offer, apply some additional cash back, and get some pretty good prices for local eateries or local activities.

On the other side of the house, the daily deal sites are for products. Right? So these are deeply discounted products that sites are offering. There's a lot of them out there, there’s Rue La La or Fab, or Hot Look, or even Woot. Right? And they're bringing together the absolute best prices that they can. Now I would argue that these might be a little bit more of an impulsive buy. Right? It's a product that you might not be looking for, you might not want, but wow, what a great price.

So it's worth while to stay on their e-mail list's, visit the websites on occasion, and see if there's something that you really need that's just being offered at such a great price you can't pass it up. But what we would say is ultimately make sure that kinda pair back that impulse, and make sure you’re buying what you need, and what you want, but you’re saving the most when you’re doing it. So there's a few tips on how to use daily deal sites to save the most.

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