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How to Plan Your Shopping Trips

Learn how to plan your shopping trips in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


Here's a few tips on how to plan your shopping trips. So let's start with the grocery store. There's a lot of different ways that you could organize your grocery shopping trip, but I know with two young kids in a cart with me at any given time, I need to be efficient. So before I even go to the grocery store I make a list and it's ordered by aisle. I know my grocery store pretty well, so I can say, "Okay, let's put the produce first. And then we're going to move onto the meats. Then we're going to move down the cereal aisle." You name it.

My coupons are organized similarly, by aisle. So I can literally look at my grocery list, look at my coupons and apply them at the same time. It's pretty useful and it gets me in and out of that store pretty quickly before my 2-year-old starts having some kind of tantrum somewhere. Now online shopping trips you have little bit more freedom, right? Because the kids are just in the side room or whatever it might be. But it's still important to be organized there.

When you're thinking about making an online purchase, oftentimes one of the biggest costs associated with it is going to be shipping. But most websites will offer free shipping when you reach certain thresholds. So when you're making those online purchases, try to group them. Try to bulk them into a single purchase so you can reach that threshold. You can get the most savings possible and ultimately apply that free shipping coupon. So there's just a few tips that I use when I plan my shopping trips.

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