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How to Time Using Your Coupons

Learn how to use perfect timing to redeem your coupons in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


Here's some quick tips on how to time using your coupons. So really, anything that you buy has seasonality. You may or may not be aware of it, but there always seasonal trends attached to what you're purchasing. There are those that are logical to us, right? Clothing, you never really want to buy summer clothing at the beginning of the season. Prices are going to be higher. If you want until mid or end season you are going to save a heck of a lot more. Usually, that's when you are going to get deep discounted prices and you can apply a coupon on top of that to get some really, really good deals.

So if you are buying for your kid's summer, buy next year's summer stuff this year. I know it's hard, I have two little ones. What size are they going to be? But you can jump up a size, go from from a 5T to a 6. Whatever it might be and ultimately start finding some really great deals.

Now clothing is not the only thing that has seasonality. Electronics has it, certainly even in your grocery store. Produce has seasonality. You're going to save a lot more on asparagus in the spring, then you are going to find it in the middle of the winter.

In addition, even things like peanut butter have sales cycles. We don't all know, we're not all aware of it, but if track the prices through the course of six weeks, you're going to see that peanut butter tends to go down in price, maybe the third week of the month. If you track that you can start understanding the sales cycles that all of your different products that you want to buy have and start following that. Whether they are repeatable purchases that you make or those one time purchases that you need to think about seasonality. So there's just a few tips and tricks on when to time using coupons.

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