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How to Get Free Samples & Travel-Size Items

Learn how to get free samples and travel-size items in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


I'm going to share some tips on how to get free samples and travel size items.

So let's start with travel size. Sometimes you can get coupons that will say something like a dollar off of a certain type of lotion. If you can look closely at that coupon and it doesn't have any size restrictions, that means that sometimes you can apply that to trial size that might cost a dollar and you ultimately get that product for free.

There's also the addition free samples, right? So there are literally dozens of websites and clubs that you can join where consumer product good companies; so make-up, beauty, that sort of thing will send you free samples on a regular basis. Basically you can look at a variety of different websites, give them your email address and just your address and they'll send those to you in the mail.

Sometimes you can join clubs where you they ask you to do different things to get these free samples, right? So maybe write blog posts or comment or write reviews. But ultimately, if you do your research you can get a lot of great things for free. It just takes some time and energy to find those websites.

So that's just a couple of tips on how to get free samples and travel size products.

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