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How to Donate Coupons to Charity

Learn how to donate coupons to charity in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


Here's some ideas on how to donate coupons to charity. So, the first one's pretty easy, right? You can clip coupons and those that you're not going to use you can bring in to your local church or food bank. And, they'll often use those coupons to stock up or they'll provide it to their members, members who need it. That one's not too hard, it takes a little bit of extra clipping on your behalf and maybe a quick trip to your local church.

But, there are some other options too to help local charities. And one of them that we see pretty common with some of them, are extreme couponers, is actually making these purchases, right? So they are using all of the coupon strategies that they know and love every day, to go and buy products for the food banks, at nearly free prices. It's pretty cool because, you know, when we think of these extreme couponers, we all think, "Where do they put all this stuff?" Well quite often, it will go in their garage or in their basement, but we're seeing more and more it's going straight to that local charity.

Feels good, it's using their skills where they can and it's a way to ultimately give back in a different way. So there's just a few tips on how to give coupons to local charities.

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