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What to Do with Expired Coupons

Learn what to do with expired coupons in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


I'm going to provide a few ideas on what to do with expired coupons.

Now, sometimes, stores will redeem expired coupons. But it's rare and it's generally not going to happen in the grocery store. You can see this at some of the bigger box guys, that they will receive competitor expired coupons or their own. But again, it's rare.

So what we would suggest is to take those expired coupons and to donate them to overseas troops. Overseas bases, not all of them, but some of them, you can use expired coupons up to six months after the date. There are a variety of websites out there that can help you send your coupons over to these troops so that these families who are very much in need can save additional at their local stores. I think Support Our Troops, Coupons for Troops; Google it, you'll be able to find a lot of different options for you to ultimately donate those expired coupons and get additional use out of them.

There's just a quick idea on what to do with expired coupons.

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