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How to Do a Chignon

Learn how to do a chignon in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you how to do a chignon today.

What I'm going to do first is I'm going to section off my hair. I'm going to actually switch our model's hair part to the other side because I want to have a really deep part and I want to get a lot of volume on this other side. If you want to get a little bit more volume by switching the side of your part you usually are able to achieve that. I want this to be kind of a low part.

So what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to use the arch of her brow and I'm going to bring my wrap tail comb up and to that section, which is a great tip if you're doing vintage hair, also. That's usually where the part would start. And I'm just going to take, take this big box. Go ahead and tilt your head forward. I'm going to leave this section out, smooth it out. And you can see.

So it's just kind of a large square section and it basically goes from recession point to rescission point and them I'm just going to leave it up there and forget about it.

Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to start working on this side because I'm going to do a very low chignon. If you've noticed I haven't curled the hair or done anything like that to it. I'm going to curl the top section. But the bottom section is going to be kind of folded into place. So it's okay if you haven't done anything.

I will say I have prepped her hair using a light setting spray and some hair spray just to give us this great texture that we're getting. I'm just going to brush all the hair over to this other side. One thing that we're going to do is we're going to use our placement determined by the hair length.

So I don't want to place my bun up here so I can see the hair line. I'm going to actually drape it down a little bit lower just to kind of cover that up. And I'm just going to place a ponytail. I'm just going to take the hair and I'm going to use two fingers. I'm going to put my two fingers on top of and I'm just going to flip it into place. I'm going to flip the ends towards the back of my hand coming toward her head and then I'm just going to bobby pin that into place.

Start on the underside and just wiggle my bobby pins back and forth to get it set into place. And I'm just holding my hand there to support it until I get it into place. I'm going to start draping the hair backwards with the pin and pinning it.

If at all possible it's always great to, if you're able to find a bobby pin underneath, pin it into so you're almost creating little criss-crosses. You can do a couple things with the end that gets left out. You can either do another twist depending on how long the hair is, you can twist it any opposite way and add it on.

I'm just going to kind of twist it up and place it inside of our chignon. And then just pin as many bobby pins as you need to pin in there for it to feel secure to you. If you know that you're going to do a long night of dancing or something like that put a little bit more in there. You can never have too many bobby pins.

I'm going to then take our shape and I'm going to stick my fingers in it and I'm going to hair spray it. The reason I'm doing that is I'm adding some texture in there. If you can hold it in there until you can let the hair cool it just gives it a very unique, kind of piecey look, so it's not one solid mass up there.

So that completes our actual chignon. Now I'm going to pull this hair down. Remember I left all of this so that we could add some softness to it. And this hair, since it's already prepped with hair spray and a heat protectant, I'm just going to go in and I'm going to mix some curls with a curling iron. And this barrel is one and a fourth, an inch and a fourth, so that's just going to give me a very loose wave.

This is also a really, really cute look if you have natural textured hair. Even if you're as curly as me I would still do the same thing. Only what I would do here is I would take your natural texture and then I would use a really small curling iron and just define a couple of segments.

This is a really basic chignon shape. You can adjust this by just doing different techniques to this top section. You can even put this top section up in hot rollers to get a more vintage feel. I'm going to take this hair now, I'm going to give the ends a little bit of a twist. Be sure I like how things are draping around the face and then I'm going to use it to wrap around our chignon. So I'm going to go all the way under and back. And then all I need is a couple of bobby pins to secure that into place.

I like to secure it behind the chignon and then underneath as well. I think I love this technique so much because it creates this beautiful shape here in the back. Especially if you're blonde. The blonde just so highlights it. Now you can take the front and recurl just that section if you want to. So, so pretty. Finish with a really light misting of hair spray. Now you have a finished chignon.

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