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How to Get Loose Waves using a Curling Iron

Learn how to get loose waves using a curling iron in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


So I'm going to show you how to do loose waves on your hair using a curling iron. So I'm going to start by taking our models hair and making it into two sections and I usually start that section at the recession point, and I will travel to the other side to the other recession and those will be my two sections. I have already pretreated her hair with a heat treatment that has a little bit of a hold to it as well.

So what we're going to do is, I'm actually going to spray a bit more of that throughout. So to get a bigger wave what you're going to do is you're going to take long sections, horizontal sections, that are about the width of your curling iron. I'm going to use a curling iron about one and a quarter inch.

If you don't have a curling iron, this is a great size to do; it's really universal. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the curling iron. I'm going to touch it to the top of my section and I'm going to wrap my section around, straightening up the root going up to the tips. Because I'm taking kind of an unusual section, I'm not using the clamp. And I'm just going to warm it until the outside of the hair feels warm. There's no specific time, no 10, 15 seconds, that'll vary depending on your hair type and the kind of curling iron you use. And I'm going to drop that. I'm actually going to just quickly pin it to the side of the head and then I'm going to move on to the section that's right below that. So you can see, when you pull it down it gives you a big S curl or big wave.

So I'm just going to continue to do that all the way through the back of the head, keeping in mind that the part that you're really going to see with the wave is up-top. So I'm not going to spend too much time getting too perfect about all the rest because I know they're all going to form together and create beautiful soft waves.

Okay, so I just finished up the whole bottom layer. Spin around so you can see. You can see it's just a very soft little loose, almost like a beachy curl going through. If you wanted a quicker way to do this you could just do this if you had relatively smooth hair underneath to the top section that I'm about to do now, or depending on where your layers are just do it low enough to cover all the bottom parts, especially since this is not a super volumey look.

So now I'm going to move on to right here by her face. I'm going to bust this into two sections. And this is where it's okay to get a little bit more wave because we always want to bump everything up that's around our face. And I'm just going to do the same technique taking me my horizontal sections that are about as wide as my curling barrel is and heating them from root to tip until they are warm and then just dropping them down. Now because I want these a little bit more curly I'm not going to rake them through with my fingers I'm just going to kind of hold it in my hand. And doing this, kind of scrunching it makes your hand take out all the heat before you drop it down.

So I'm just going to leave that and I'm going to move on to the section that's right on top of that. Remember you start lying the barrel on top of the hair instead of going under like we traditionally do. If you get a little piece that springs up that's fine, just go ahead and take your finger and cover it; the hair isn't too hot. You could also use just a more traditional curling wand to do this. And also if you have a curling iron that has a clamp on it you can just remove the kickstand to it and the kickstand is actually two screws. You unscrew it and take the whole clamp off. So I'm just going to continue doing this on the either side of the part.

So we're back and I have finished the entire top section doing the same techniques that I did earlier. Turn around so you can see. And then for these I've left the curls cool in their shape without raking through. So then I'm actually going to have just run my hands threw them, loosen them up. This is a great just kind of every day look. This can also be used if you're texture is maybe a little bit tighter then that to loosen up even further or if you already have a natural wave to just accentuate them. Now I just took a brush that's all natural bristles and I'm just going to brush this through the hair. And then I'm going to take a little nourishing oil, squirt that into my hand, and just rake it through. And that's a really simple technique to create loose waves.

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