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How to Make a Braid using Hair Extensions

Learn how to make a braid using hair extensions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you how to, using extensions, create a braid in your hair. If you've ever wanted to have a big, full, beautiful braid, but don't quite have enough hair to do it or if you wear braids quite frequently, hair extensions are a great investment for you. I've already prepped our model using her hair extensions. You can see them there. All I'm going to do is, I want to do a really light, soft-swept bang to the side, so I'm just going to brush her hair over to the side.

If you know too, that you're going to do just a braid on the side, you can always put the majority of your hair extensions just to one side. I'm going to leave the two pieces out around her face. I'm going to just do a traditional braid. This is also a good opportunity to do a fishtail braid or a fancier type of braid. So I'm just going to segment our pieces into three parts. Then I'm going to braid them coming around her shoulder here. You can see, just how full and beautiful that braid is, with the addition of the hair extensions. I'm just using a clear elastic band to secure the ends.

One awesome thing too, is now that you've got your hair in there, you can always kind of pinch the outside corners of the braid and make it even fuller, if you want to. Or a little bit more messy, to look more casual. So you can get a really large braid. Now I'm going to put just a soft little wave in the pieces around her face that we lock down. I'm just going to take my curling iron and I'm going to tong the hair around it. I'm just going to wrap it around. So I just curled that to give it a little dimension and then you can see, how beautiful and how full that braid is and that is how to create a braid using hair extensions.

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