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How to Make a Brigitte Bardot Ponytail

Learn how to make a Brigitte Bardot ponytail in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you today how to do a Brigitte Bardot-inspired ponytail.
I've already prepped our model's hair, using a heat-protectant spray, but
I've also added in some extensions to give her a real fullness; to really
get a beautiful, big Brigitte Bardot look out of it.

So the first thing that we're going to do is, we're going to section off the front,
and Brigitte Bardot wore a classic, beehive shape, but she made it
really sexy and really modern, and it really became an icon because it was
sexy and it was textured and it was more lifted. So, we're going to take the
section here in the front, and it's a little triangle section, it's
basically the section that you would have if you had bangs. And if you have
long bangs, you can also create this look pretty easily. I'm just going to
take that, and I'm going to clip it out of the way, because all of the rest of
this is going to get pretty big. So this is where I'm going to start my teasing,
then. I'm going to take a rattail comb, and brush the hair back away from that
spot. I'm going to take tiny little slivers, brush them, and then add my tease
in. Now, for Brigitte Bardot, you want it really big, so I'm almost holding
the hair forward and brushing it.

And I'm just going to keep moving back, and I'm going to tease the whole crown
section, then I'm going to go and I'm add a couple of little teasing pieces
around the back. I'm going to start with a lot of teasing, because we want
this shape pretty big, and especially because I know I'm going to brush
through and kind of lighten the teasing up. I've started, also, with the
base of dry shampoo to her hair, which is one of the best ways to get a
great tease in there. So, now, I'm on the side section, and what I did, is
I'm just going to puff the section closest away, and I'm going to add a little
bit of teasing to there, too. Not as much as I did everywhere else, and I'm
actually going to tease, in our case, right up to the hair extension.

And I'll move on to the other side, and do the same on that side. So, now
that we have all of our teasing set into place, she looks quite crazy, I
know. I'm going to take a little teasing comb, which has a mixture of
natural brushes and synthetic, but it's really tiny. I love it for
smoothing like this. And you're just going to smooth down the top half of that
tease, remembering that Brigitte Bardot's look was a little lived-in; a
little sexy. So now once you have your teasing set into place, what you're going to
do, is you're going to take two little pieces from each side, and these are
the pieces that are right above the ear.

And you want to kind of make them even, you want to make sure that your Bardot look
is pretty even, too. This is nice, because it actually gives the beehive,
the bouffant, a little bit to stand on. So you're going to take those two
pieces from each side, and that's going to be used to smooth the sides. I take
a couple of bobby pins, give it a twist, and just pin them into place. So,
I just put two bobby pins in, criss-cross them underneath our shape. Now,
for the front. She wore the front, usually, parted straight down the
center, which really helped accentuate the other portion of the hairstyle.

So, what I'm going to do, is curl this hair. Now that I've really flattened up
the root, we'll give it the illusion that she has kind of a long, swept-back bang.
Now I've curled that section, and I'm going to do the same thing to the other
section. If you did have long, sweeping bangs, you might even want to just flat
iron them smooth, with a little kick backwards. But remember, there's
nothing super-done about this look, so if the sides don't match up, that's
fine. So you have two soft curls around her face.

Now I'm going to take the back section, and I'm going to toss some curls into it, as well. Big, giant
curls. This is the part of the look, though, that kind of changed all the time, so
it wasn't always curled, sometimes it was smoother. If I was going to leave
this down, I would probably leave it smooth, because I think it looks cute. Now if
you didn't have hair extensions at home, and you still wanted to create
this look, you totally could. But one thing that you might want to add
after you put your curls in and get your ponytail, you might just add
teasing to the ponytail to make it look fuller.

Okay, so just throw in a little bit of a wave throughout everything. And now
what I'm going to do, is I'm going to take the hair, and I'm going to start
smoothing it over to the side. One thing that's important for keeping this
sexy is, you want to create a new hairline for something, you don't want
it super-high, that gives a super-youthful look, remember, we want it super-
lived- in. So I'm draping it across the back of the neck, and then when I
get to this side, double check everything, of course, I'm going to go ahead and put my
ponytail in there. So now I've taken a tiny little piece from the underside of
the ponytail, and I'm going to use that to create a wrap over the top. I love
to start it with a little light hold hairspray, smooth it out, and you're just
going to take a bobby pin, and pin it up and out of place. You can plump up
your ponytail by adding a little bit of a tease to it. Just like I said to
do if you didn't want to put curls in with the curling iron. And we'll do
the same with the other side, of course, and that is a Brigitte Bardot-
inspired ponytail.

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