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How to Create Bangs Using Hair Extensions

Learn how to create bangs using hair extensions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to teach you how to create bangs using hair extensions. Now there are several bang hair extension products available. You could get even a clip-on bang. This is just kind of my own take on that, something different that you can do. If you had long enough hair to do this without the clip-ins, more power to you. This is totally a look that you can accomplish too.

What I'm going to do is, I've already set our model's hair. She's already got her hair extensions in, just set them in the traditional way. And what I'm going to do is, I'm actually going to put her up into a high poof, on the top of her head. And actually, to help me, I'll have you flip your hair upside down. Now if you know that you're going to do this with your extensions, you can also put them in going the other way. This also works really great with an extension ponytail. That would be awesome to do this trick with. And this is going to be kind of a cute, tousled look, too, so it doesn't even have to be too perfect.

So normally I like all my sides and my back to be really tight, but again, this is a very loose look. So I'm going to start attaching the ponytail to the top. Once you get it all the way on, and then I actually like to use, for this, a clear elastic, and I have these ones that are kind of big, so they're not super teeny. They're a little bit bigger. And what I'm going to do is, I'm actually going to place the ponytail forward. You want to keep it smooth as you go. And I'm going to take my clear elastic band, and I'm going to create a bun here, on the top, a little poof, something that you can puff out and make look really cute. Then I'm going to take just a regular brush, a Mason Pearson brush, and I'm going to start brushing her bangs forward.

Now that I have some cute little bangs put into place, the way that I'm going to hide this look, actually hers doesn't look so bad. If you have more tones to your hair, it might look a little bit more bizarre. But I'm going to take a scarf, and I'm going to use this to cover. This is a great little spring/summer look to do. Great at a festival. So I'm going to take it equal, starting in the front of the head, and then I'm going to loop my way back around, and I'm actually going to put the tie here in the front, kind of a retro style. You can also tuck the ends in too, if you just wanted a smoother, more classic look.

You could now make your poof on the top of your head as big as you wanted to be. Again, I like this to be kind of messy and sexy, so I'm going to try to make it that way. I'm going to set the bun a little bit better on her head, just using a couple of bobby pins here and there, wherever it feels a little bit loose. And that is how I create fake bangs using hair extensions.

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