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How to Get Beachy Waves using a Flat Iron

Learn how to get beachy waves using a flat iron in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


So I'm going to show you now how to create beachy waves using a flat iron. This is a really, really great technique is your hair is some where to my models, this is her natural kind of wavy texture. It's just a way to bump that up to the next level. Or if you have less wavy hair, maybe it just has a big solid bump through, I would definitely start with that texture and then build upon it. It's really great because it going to add a little bit more consistency.

So what you're going to do it, you're just going to, I just go in and I hook probably a little inch long sections. I have already prepped the model's hair with a heat protectant spray, and a nourishing oil at the end just to really protect it from the flat iron. After you take your little one inch chunks, I'm going to take two fingers and I'm just going to wrap the hair around, and then I'm going to gather that up, creating a little circle here. Now what I'm going to do, is I'm going to take the flat iron, and I'm just going to heat up my little circle there. I will say be careful with this, with your hands, because it does get pretty warm. So after you feel like you've warmed it, I just kind of hold it in my hand to cool it and then when you let it down, you have this really great little curl. So, I'm just going to continue to do that.

What it's going to end up doing for her hair, because it's already got a natural wave to it, is it's going to make it look like it's more wavy than it is. So I'm just going to keep doing that, taking little sections, I hold on to the ends, and then I just press my flat iron through it. I start on one side, so I can still hold on to it. So I would just continue this around the head, depending on what you're natural texture is. Some of you might need more than this, some might need less than this. You can take bigger sections, you can take smaller sections, the section size that you take, is directly related to the curl that you're going to get. Sometimes it's really beautiful too, to take different sized sections, all throughout the same head. Keeps it very natural looking and organic. So I'm just going to continue this all the way around the head, and I'll meet you back in a minute.

All right so now I've finished curling around the whole head, and just adding different textures, and dimensions to the hair, what I'm going to have my model do is flip her head forward, and we're just going to add even more texture. So I'm going to take a beach mist, And I'm going to mist this kind of salty spray through the ends, and then I'm just going to mess up the hair a little bit more. Which is a bit more messy. All right, go ahead and flip up. Now you can see that just took her kind of naturally soft wavy hair and made it look more like it was naturally curly hair, a little bit more beachy, and that's a really great way to get beachy hair by using a flat iron.

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