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How to Make Dull Hair Shine

Learn how to make dull hair shine in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about how to get shine in your dull hair. The number one reason that you would have dull hair would be some sort of a product build-up on it. So if you don't have overly colored hair, try a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. See if that doesn't help bring back a little bit of that natural shine.

You cannot have shine without moisture, so if you are a volume fanatic and don't use conditioner, anything that's moisturizing, try adding some moisture back in there and see if you don't get a little bit more. Some hair textures and colors I will say, naturally tend to be a little bit duller than others. So if you have kind of mousey hair, think about adding some highlights, or do a sheer, demi-sheer glaze over the hair that will add a lot of shine to it.

Highlights aren't naturally shiny, but they do add a shimmer to the hair. So sometime, even getting a couple of really super fine ones, add that shimmer to it. Another thing to do would be to, when you're in the shower, when you rinse out your conditioner, rinse it out with the coldest water that you can stand. This is a little bit hard at first. It was hard for me when I started doing it. I would just start by taking the water down a little bit each time and then eventually you'll learn how to do a cold rinse, and it makes a big difference. And it's really good for your skin also. But it helps impart a lot of shine.

Some other things that you could do, as you're blow-drying your hair, to create maximum shine, you always want to blow-dry in the direction of the hair. So you always want your blow dryer to be going in the same direction as your hair. And that's going to add a lot of shine. Also with a blow dryer, I would finish with a cold blast of air. It does a similar thing that the cold water in the shower does. It just imparts a lot of shine.

Some other solutions would be like a vinegar rinse. You would add a couple capfuls of white vinegar to like a gallon of water and rinse that through your hair. It can give you a lot of shine. And there are some really great kind of shine nourishing oils and pomades that can help with that also.

So those are some of my tips for making dull hair shiny again.

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