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How to Make Fine Hair Look Fuller

Learn how to make fine hair look fuller in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I wanted to talk to you about how to make your fine hair look fuller.

I think there are some really quick things that you can do, starting with the maintenance of your hair. I would get your hair trimmed more often; that way you have much less damage and breakage throughout the ends, which can make them look finer, kind of wispy.

Go with a blunter haircut, whether it's no layers or just a very, very subtle amount of layers, even if it's just to bevel out the end of the haircut, or the edges of the haircut.

Also consider going short, or shorter, if you are a little bit longer. Shorter hair always looks fuller, and more healthy.

Some other things to do if you have straight hair; I would suggest curling it, always makes it full. And if you're worried about the curl staying in your fine hair, invest in some really great products. Some to try would be a product that has a good balance of hold and smoothness. So something with kind of a medium hold capacity, or a beach or a texturizing spray works really well on fine hair.

Also try applying dry shampoo to the hair when it's not dirty. So the first day you would just spray the dry shampoo all throughout the hair, not just focusing on the roots. I would go upside down and kind of tossle up. You would be surprised when you come back how much hair you actually feel like you have, and it's simple because all you've done is changed the texture of your hair. You've changed it from being really silky smooth to having a little bit of grip to it.

Another thing you can do to make your hair appear fuller is to try a different part. Even switching a little bit over; because your hair usually gets so used to being in one part, when you switch it over to the side the other side, sometimes it's amazing the amount of lift you get.

Another thing you can try is styling your hair to one part, blowing it dry or letting it air dry or whatever, and then putting a part going the opposite direction. You'll get a lot of good lift that way, and it makes it look really, really full.

And those are some of my tips for making thin hair look fuller.

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