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What Is Keratin Treatment?

Learn about Keratin treatment in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


So I wanted to talk a little about keratin today. As I'm telling you this information however, our science and technology is moving so fast that it is possible this this could become outdated. But that's very reassuring. That means that our technologies are getting smarter and smarter especially as you the consumer gets smarter and smarter about what you want. The more demands you make on products the better the product will become overall.

But what keratin is, is keratin is an actual bond that makes up your hair, your hair is made out of keratin. But a keratin system is and was, is a bonding of keratin to the outside of the hair. So how that was formed, was a product was put on the hair that had keratin in it and then it would become keratinized or hardened onto the hair, like a hard shell on top of the hair. And the reason why it smoothed your hair out is because the shaft of the hair itself is made up of tiny little cuticles that lay on top of each other. Almost like a pipe cleaner. And over time through just normal everyday wear and tear, heating, coloring, exposure to sun and weather, those cuticles stand up so it becomes a rough texture to the outside of the hair. So the keratin came and it keratinized or it hardened the bonds on top of the hair which laid the hair down.

Some of the troubles that we've found with the keratin were obviously the formaldehyde content here in the US, and it wasn't a problem due to our standards until the formaldehyde became a carcinogenic, which meant it was air-borne. So people were flat ironing the keratin into the hair and then the formaldehyde in those systems was becoming a steam or a fog that was then breathed into your lungs. As I'm saying this there probably aren't keratins on the market anymore that have that. I know that the people that govern hair have really stopped doing that. And so then we'll, in the future we'll see new iterations or better, safer ways to do a keratin treatment. So that's a little about what a keratin treatment is.

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