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Hair Straightening Treatments

Learn about different hair straightening treatments in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


So I wanted to talk to you today about some options for smoothing your hair, some smoothing systems.

There is of course the one that is probably the most well known which would be a keratin treatment where keratin is smoothed onto the top layer of hair. There's also your more traditional relaxers that would actually straighten hair and not necessarily smooth the outside cortex of the hair but it would give the hair because it was straighter and flatter and overall smoother appearance. And those are your traditional relaxers, your Japanese relaxer.

There's even some kind of almost like a perm solution that you would put on your hair to permanently just soften the curl. And then we see some new things coming out right now. I work at a salon that uses a silk aminoacid smoothing system and what that does is the silk aminoacids are nano-sized and they penetrate into the hair shaft and close out the outside cuticle of it and make it really strong. So they're not necessarily coating the hair with anything, it's going inside and smoothing it from the outside. That'd be inside, it doesn't make your hair terribly straight.

So those are some smoothing system options for your hair.

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