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Best Tips on Bangs

Pick up some great tips on how to wear bangs in this Howcast hair tutorial.


So, I wanted to give you some tips today on bangs. Bangs are a great way to highlight different areas of your face. They are also a great way to deal with hairlines and other problems that we might have or see as problems.

I would go in and ask your hairstylist if they had any recommendations about what type of bangs look best on you. A common misconception that I hear about bangs is, 'my forehead is too small, my forehead is too big to have bangs.' Well the truth of the matter is that would be true if bangs started from your hairline and went down to your brow. But what they do is they should live where your head naturally starts to slope down. So for some people that's different spaces, but usually if you have a small forehead it will give the illusion that it's bigger, and if you have a big forehead it can sometimes camouflage how big your forehead actually is.

Some things to consider would be length; you might want to go with a shorter bang if you had really great eyes that you wanted to highlight, or a high arching brow bone or something like that. That would be a really great way to frame that up. And we always think of kind of low maybe eyelash length bangs as kind of very sexy bangs.

Some things to do too would be a soft long bang that would hit somewhere around your cheekbones, just to open up your face and give you a little bit more movement.

You always want to place the bang in a place that you want to highlight. So if you have great eyes you want to place the bangs so that it will highlight your eyes.

Great cheekbones highlight those; a beautiful jaw line you want something to highlight those. So there are so many bang options out there I would just really suggest going and talking to your hairdresser and seeing what they have to say about that.

When you get bangs they are a little bit more of a commitment style-wise. They are definitely something that you would have to style dry unless you were lucky enough to just have bangs that dried naturally in the place that they were.

Also something to consider is if you love the length of your bang you are probably going to have to get bangs trimmed once a month so keep it shaped up and to keep it at the length that you love. However, a lot of bangs will grow out beautifully and you should just have to trim them up every time you get a haircut.

So those are some quick tips on bangs today.

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