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Best Tips on Perms

Pick up some great tips on how to get, style, and maintain a perm in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Let's talk about perms. As we see kind of a shift in hair, where we're moving away from straight smooth hair into more textured hair, I actually am seeing this great interest in texturizing service again. A texturizing service would be a perm. That being said, there are many variations of perms out there right now.

We're also using different techniques to create perms. Some of the techniques that we use would be, you don't necessarily want to see the hair big all over. Maybe you just want to create some body around your face, so you'll see the perm rods being set in a little bit lower on the hair, so I'm not lifting the root so much. You'll see some different size perm rods being used at the same time, so you'll see smaller sections and bigger sections used to create more of a natural look to the hair.

You'll see big fat perms that almost just create an S pattern to the hair, so just a very soft wave. I think that most modern perms, the way that we would want them to look when they are finished, require a little bit of effort. It would be pretty rare that you would get a perm and just air-dry your hair and walk out of the house. You'll probably have to find a great curl product for it. I always recommend diffusing it because you get the most lift and volume out of your hair. It also dries it all at the same rate so you don't have to worry about parts being heavy or parts being light.

But perms make a really great base if you like a smooth curl or something like that where you could actually go in with a curling iron and just detail a couple of pieces. I did that a lot with my hair, which is naturally curly. I'll go in and I'll detail it, meaning just pick curls here and there to define with a curling iron. And if I choose a curling iron that's a little bit larger than my natural curl, it gives the overall appearance that my hair is less curly. So, some really great fun things to do with perms. And those are just a couple of quick tips about perms.

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