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Best Tips on Ombre Hair Color

Pick up some great tips on ombre hair color in this Howcast hair tutorial.


I want to talk to you about ombre. Ombre is a new-ish technique, or it's become very popular lately. All that ombre means is that it's a gradation from dark to light. We see it in various articles of clothing, and it has far outreached the hair market, but in terms of hair, it's a gradation from dark to light. Which the biggest example of ombre that I can think of, that has always had ombre hair, would be Jennifer Aniston for that girl-next-door kind of blonde look. All of the Victoria's Secret models, practically from the beginning of time, have had ombre hair. All that it does is create a very soft feel to the hair, and it's a very natural looking highlight. It is a bit chunkier, or thicker than traditional, super-fine woven highlights, but the look overall is a little bit more natural, a little more sun-kissed. Like you could have been on a desert island and that would happen to your hair.

That being said, there are, you know, many different ways to do ombre. You can do ombre where it's almost a full line around the perimeter of your hair. Super, super bold. We've seen some celebrities, like Drew Barrymore, play around with that look before. It's definitely a look. You have to have a bit of an edgier style, or be super confident to pull that off. Normally we see them with a little bit more of an ombre toward the front, or even with a face framing highlight where you have a super-fine woven highlights that blend into these, kind of, fuller, more ombre pieces.

I also notice that a lot of my clients, going from summer, to fall, to winter, change the tone of their ombre. So they started out with lighter, brighter, lighter, blonde ombre, and then some of them went into the caramels, some even went into the copper-reddish. Whatever color you want to tone them, you can always change that. Remembering that it's just a gradation of dark to light, that dark to light can be whatever color you want.

There are some good and bad things about ombre. I think that some good things, some great, positive thing about it is the upkeep on it is a lot less than traditional highlights. Remember, it's a naturally root-y look. That means you shouldn't have to come in as often to get it touched up. Some of the bad things about ombre is if you have darker hair, and you want a more contrasting ombre, you are kind of pushing the boundaries of your hair. If you're taking it more than two shades lighter than your natural color, you're really stretching the hair. It doesn't mean that it's a bad thing, and I think there are a lot of great colorists out there that really care about the health of your hair. Sometimes we get super excited, and we want it super bright and light and so we make the choice to go, kind of push our hair beyond the boundaries of that. So just know that you are using a lightener in your hair, and that can be a little bit damaging. But go to a good hairdresser. They'll take good care of you, and they should help maintain the integrity of your hair which is the most important part.

If you've never had lightened hair before, you will have to add a little bit of moisture and some products that have a little protein in it to keep the hair strong and healthy. But ombre is a trend that wont go away, because it will always be changed and twisted into something new and different. So those are some quick tips about the ombre hair.

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