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How to Style Hair with Joy La Rosa

Learn about hairstylist Joy La Rosa, one of Howcast's hair experts, in this Howcast hair tutorial.


Hi. My name is Joy La Rosa and I'm a hair stylist here in New York City. I work downtown in Soho at a salon called Sam Brocato Salon. I've been styling hair professionally for about six or seven years. I have been cutting and coloring hair though since I was 13 years old. So it has always been a very natural art form for me. As an artist, using other means to create art, it just seems like a natural extension to that.

As far as that goes, I love all types of beauty. I love make up. I love hair. I love fashion. And I think that it's really exciting to kind of blend all those things together to create something. One of my greatest passions is working face-to-face with actual real people. I get an opportunity to work with a lot of great celebrities, but I really love working with you know, the everyday men and women. I really love teaching women to pick up on things that are really beautiful about themselves. I think it's a really special opportunity to make somebody feel beautiful.

I also am really passionate about tutorials. Every person that sits in my chair and gets a haircut or style with me ends up leaving with a little lesson on how to recreate that look at home. I think that as a hairdresser that's one of the biggest gifts that I can give you, is how to expand your knowledge base too. So I've had a lot of people that I've been working with for a couple of years and they started out not knowing very much about how to style and little by little, integrating little tricks into their routine, and now they're pretty savvy about how to style hair. They could probably come on and teach us something here on HowCast.

So a great way to keep in touch with me or find out what inspires me, would be on my Facebook page, so just search for me on Facebook, Joy La Rosa hair stylist. That's how you'll find me. I also have a website coming soon that will be And now I've created a series called Hairstyling 101, that touches base on, you know, all kinds of topics, anywhere from hair extensions to bangs to curl techniques to vintage styles. A lot of really great things to check out, so please keep watching.

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