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Top 10 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

Learn the top 10 tips for traveling with a baby in this parenting video from Howcast.


Hi. I'm Jennifer Durbin, and I've got some great tips for you for traveling with your baby. There are a lot of logistics to take into consideration; the right travel gear, the timing of your trip, and what you're going to bring with you.

So some of the most important things to keep in mind is the timing of your travel. If you can time it to coincide with your baby's normal sleep schedule, you'll save yourself a lot of headaches.

For instance, if you can plan your flight for early in the morning while the baby is still sleepy, you'll have more of a chance for them to sleep on the flight the whole time.

If your child sleeps really well in their car seat, think about leaving on a road trip at night. Put them in their jammies, put them in the infant carrier, and then drive through the evening. You won't even hear a peep out of them.

When you take a pit stop, which you should do pretty frequently because the change of scenery will help the baby's attitude as well, you want to make sure it's super easy to change their diaper, so dress them accordingly.

The other thing to keep in mind when the baby is sleeping on the road is you want them to be comfortable, so make sure you have their favorite lovey with you, and take a crib sheet from home. That smell of home will also make your baby sleep better on the road.

On a long road trip, if you're traveling with two adults, one of you can even sit in the backseat with the baby for a short time. That can help mix things up, get the baby engaged or calmed down ,or just have some fun playtime.

And don't forget to dress your baby appropriately. Diaper changes need to be quick and easy. When you're packing for the baby, make sure you've got everything you need, but keep in mind you can always pick up extras. So for instance, if you're going to spend a week at Grandma's house, consider only taking with you the diapers you'll need in transit, and buy the rest when you get there, or have Grandma pick them up a couple days before so they're ready for you.

Most importantly, you need to relax. Make sure you've got everything you need, but enjoy the trip.

If there's something you forget, you can always pick it up at your destination.

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