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How to Pick Good Airline Seats

Learn what are the best airline seats for traveling with a baby or toddler in this parenting video from Howcast.


Hi. I'm Jennifer Durbin, and I want to help you pick the best airline seat for traveling with your little one. If you have the luxury of picking what seat you're going to sit in, take full advantage of it. There are a number of things that you want to take into consideration.

For instance, you can't sit in an exit row with your little one because they're too young. You'll want to pick another seat that still has enough room for you.

You may love the bulkhead seat, and it's super convenient because there's no seat in front of you for the little one to be kicking the whole flight, but you won't be able to store your diaper bag under the seat in front of you. Keep that in mind. It's kinda hard to have everything within reach when you're in the bulkhead seat.

You may want to consider sitting in the back of the plane. It's noisier, and it's right next to the restroom, but that gives the baby something to look at. The entertainment of having people constantly walk past your seat can be a great distraction for them.

It's also easier for you to get up and walk to the back of the plane if you need to stretch. The window seat is also a lot of fun. It provides great entertainment for a toddler to play with the window shade, pulling it up and pushing it down. They'll have a blast. If you're still nursing, the window seat is very comfortable because you have the ledge to rest your arm on. Take that into consideration.

You also don't want to sit in an aisle seat if you're going to be nursing, because then your elbow is going to be bumped by everyone walking by. The nice thing though about an aisle seat is you can easily get up. You're not climbing over a stranger or your travel companion.

The other thing you might want to try is seeing if the gate agent will put you next to an empty seat so you have more space to spread out, and the little one has somewhere to play. It doesn't hurt to ask before you get on the plane.

Take all those things into consideration, and based upon the age of your child or where you're most comfortable, pick the right seat for you.

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