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How to Install a Car Seat on a Plane

Learn how to install a car seat on a plane in this parenting video from Howcast.


Hi. I'm Jennifer Durbin, and I'm here with some tips for you on how to install your car seat on an airplane.

Now before you travel with a car seat, keep in mind that you can always check it. Grab yourself a little gate check bag, leave it at the plane, and don't worry about it. That way you can save yourself some money on the extra seat for the baby, because even the little ones under the age of two fly free, that's only if they are sitting in your lap.

However, there are some tremendous benefits to flying with a car seat. You have an extra seat which gives you much more wiggle room, the baby's comfortable, they're more likely to sleep better if they're comfortable in their car seat, and you can go things like attach your little Pully Pals, so that they can have hours of fun playing with all of their toys.

So once you get on the plane, and make sure you are one of the first to board, because you'll have a lot of stuff to carry with you, get situated in your seat. You'll probably want to put the car seat in the seat next to the window. That way, no one is having to climb over the car seat during the flight. So make sure you properly install your car seat. It doesn't hurt to bring the owner's manual with you so you can refer to the instructions.

When you're turning the car seat around, and installing it with the seat belt, if the seat belt isn't long enough, simply ask the flight attendant for a seat belt extension. That will do the trick, and make sure the car seat is properly installed and super secure for takeoff and landing.

Once you get the baby situated in the car seat, then you can do everything else to get them comfortable. Attach your Pully Pal, make sure they have their pacifier handy, and get ready for a wonderful ride.

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