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How to Get Your Baby to Stop Crying on a Plane

Learn how to get your baby to stop crying on an airplane in this parenting video from Howcast.


Hi, I'm Jennifer Durbin, and I have some tips for you on how to get your baby to stop crying on a plane.

We've all been there, the baby's uncomfortable, they're tired from a long flight, or who knows, and they won't stop crying. You're stressed out, and everyone around you is getting a little anxious.

The most important thing to do is make sure you stay calm. If you're stressed out, the baby is going to be stressed out. So try your best to relax, and then give these few easy tips a try.

So a change of scenery can do wonders. Get up and walk around the plane. Even walk into the restroom. It's amazing how fascinating a bathroom can to a little one.

You'll also want to make sure to have all of your little one's favorite toys handy so that you can whip them out and excite them. You may also want to do something like put your Hooter Hider on and play peek a boo, because that can be so much fun for a little one and brighten their mood. You also want to put a few surprise toys in your bag of tricks so that you can pull them out in case of emergencies.

Some fun things to use are these Cleanimals. That way the baby will think that they're playing with your keys. Another fun thing to do is a little DIY trick that I love; make a wallet for your little one. That way they feel like they're playing with your wallet. When you give them these unexpected surprises, it catches their attention, and it can really brighten the mood.

If all else fails, do something like a wrap a present for them. Get a little treat at the dollar store and wrap it in some Christmas paper. Hand it to the baby on the plane and see if they can figure out how to open it.

Most importantly, make sure your little one is comfortable. Make sure you have your teething tablets handy just in case the little one is teething in flight.

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