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Best Baby & Toddler Travel Gear

Learn what is the best baby and toddler travel gear in this parenting video from Howcast.


Hi. I'm Jennifer Durbin, and these are your must-have travel items. If you're traveling with a baby or a toddler, it is very important that you travel with the right things. It makes life so much easier.

If you've got an infant in an infant carrier, get one of these BundleMe's. They are an absolute must-have. They'll keep the baby covered in the spring and warm in the winter.

A Pully Pal is the perfect way to keep your pacifier in reach. That way, you're not having to constantly dig for your baby's pacifier.

The right diaper bag you cannot live without, so make sure you find one that's cute and sassy just like you so that you enjoy carrying it.

On the safety side, make sure you have some safety tags. If you'll be traveling far from home, that way, you can put your phone number on the little one just in case you're separated.

You also want to remember to take your high chair cover with you everywhere. They're perfect for high chairs, grocery carts, just about anything; and they'll keep your little one germ-free.

Your Hooter Hider is also something you can't leave the house without. If you're still nursing, that is an absolute must-have.

Toys: something else you can't leave without. Your baby will get antsy when you're traveling, so make sure you have that handy just in case.

Also get yourself a little clutch. You don't want to have to carry a large diaper bag and a purse, so put all of your must-haves in a small clutch that will fit inside your diaper bag.

Don't forget your little green pouch so that you can feed the baby on the go. Perfect for yogurt, applesauce, just about anything.

The right shoes. Make sure find great closed toed shoes for your little one to wear while you're traveling. That will keep them much safer.

A little snack trap. Put snacks for your toddler in a cute little container that they can play with. That way, they can hold the snacks themselves.

And finally, think small. When you need something like a raincoat on the go, get one of these great Greensprouts raincoats that fold up into their own pocket. It easily fits into your diaper bag, and you're ready for the rain or really, any weather.

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