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9 Tips for Keeping a Toddler Entertained on a Plane

Learn nine great tips for keeping a toddler entertained on a plane in this parenting video from Howcast.


Hi. I'm Jennifer Durbin, and I've got some tips for you on playing games with your toddler on a plane.

As you know, your toddler does not like to sit still for too long, and when you're talking about being on a plane for hours on end, you want to make sure you have plenty of games to play. All of these ideas can very easily fit in your diaper bag. Do a little planning, and you'll be good to go.

You'll obviously want to have your child's favorite toy on hand so you can whip it out if they're a little antsy or need to be cheered up. You'll also want to surprise them with a new toy. Think of something that reminds them of mom or dad. Make a fun little play wallet that they can play with on the plane. Hours of entertainment. You can also wrap their surprise gifts, because then they'll spend some time unwrapping their present and be super surprised at what's inside.

One thing you might not think to pack is your Hooter Hider. Even if your toddler is not nursing anymore, this can make for hours of fun playing peekaboo, so put that in your diaper bag as well.

Also take into consideration all the space you have on your tray table, and use it to its fullest potential. Pack a Table Topper, put that on your tray table, and let your child color.

The other thing you can do is make a little art kit. Give them some Post-It notes, crayons and pens, and let them go to town. The Post-It notes are great because they can put them all over the seat in front of them, and they won't leave a mark. Lots of fun.

Also grab one of these white boards. You can very easily put it in your diaper bag. Your child can draw for hours on end, erase, and draw again.

And one last fun thing to take with you: Blue painter's tape. Your child can put it all over the seat in front of them, pull it right off, put it on themselves, put it on you. They'll have tons of fun.

Throw these few things into your diaper bag, and you and your toddler will have a great flight.

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