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10 Best Car Snacks for Toddlers

Learn the ten best car snacks for toddlers in this parenting video from Howcast.


Hi. I'm Jennifer Durbin, and I have some tips for you on packing snacks for your toddler for a long car ride.

When you're in the car for hours on end, everyone gets antsy, and it can be tough to stop every time your little one wants a snack. So plan ahead and have all of their favorite snacks handy, so you can throw it to them in the backseat. And you might even consider sitting in the backseat with them for a short time to help them eat, or really just to brighten their mood.

Now when you're packing your snacks, keep a couple things in mind. You don't want a snack that's going to be messy. The last thing you want are sticky dirty hands all over the car seat. So pack dry snacks. Think of chewy granola bars, Cheerios, Goldfish. Things along those lines, and put them in small containers. That way you're not dealing with 100 Cheerios all over the backseat of your car.

If you can find a container that has multiple compartments, you can give them a variety. They can have a little snack smorgasbord in the backseat.

Also make sure your child has a sippy cup handy. They will get thirsty on the ride, so giving them some water to keep in the backseat is a really good idea.

If you can find a larger snack container that they can even fit their hands in, even better. They can serve themselves. Makes eating a breeze.

You may even consider getting one of these great caddies at your local dollar store. That way you can put toys, snacks, and a drink, all in one space, so they can get everything they need.

Also think about raisins. It's a great treat. It's a dried fruit, so they're getting their fruit, and it's also not going to make too much of a mess.

And never forget a bag for trash. Keep a zip top bag in the front seat for any wrappers or other trash. Always, always, always have wipes handy, so you can wipe your little ones hands, mouth, or whatever they get dirty.

So do a little planning, have a little variety, and make your car ride much more comfortable for your toddler.

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