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How to Travel with a Baby or Toddler with Jennifer Durbin

Learn about Jennifer Durbin, one of Howcast's parenting experts, in this video.


Hi. I'm Jennifer Durbin, and I'm the author of the Clueless Chick series. I wrote, Pregnancy Tips for the Clueless Chick, Baby Travelling Tips for the Clueless Chick, and Party Cleaning Tips for the Clueless Chick; because as a busy woman, trying to juggle a demanding career, two small children and a husband, I never had time to do the research I wanted to, to figure out what to take on our first flight, how to plan for my pregnancy, and how to throw an awesome party.

I found that I was constantly trying to find the cliffs notes version for those 700 page pregnancy manuals, or the 50 blogs that tell you how to fly with a baby. So, when I couldn't find them, I wrote them. My hope is that my books in some way, will help you through the amazing craziness that is being a woman.

You can find all of my books, which are each under 100 pages so they're a quick read, at, and you can find all of my great tips on my website, on Facebook, and Twitter. So visit to learn more.

The best advice that I can give you, is enjoy the wild ride. It will be crazy, it will be tough. There will be bumps, but you can make it through. It's overwhelming, but take a deep breath and jump right in.

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