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Tools & Equipment You Need to Make Pizza at Home

Learn the tools and equipment you need to make pizza at home in this Howcast food video.


You know, pizza's been made by hand for centuries, so you don't need all the tools in the world to accomplish a perfect pizza at home, but it really does make your life so much easier.

Starting with the dough, a great tool to have is a good KitchenAid mixer, and make sure you have the dough hook as well. This is really gonna help knead your dough, build that gluten so you have that nice chewy bite when you're eating your pizza.

A good rolling pin. I like the ones without the handles, just kinda old school, but any great rolling pin will work.

I love a mezzaluna, right. This is to help cut the pizza at the end. This is a nice little tool because it's not sharp.

For deep dish, you gotta have a cast iron pan or at least a cake pan. Something with high sides, but I think cast iron distributes the heat evenly and its really, really genius. Plus, you can use the upside-down of it as a stone, which is great.

Now speaking of stones, there's a lot of stones out there and they're all phenomenal, but I do love a clay or ceramic stone, as it really absorbs the heat and it gives you that nice crust to the pizza. Definitely grab one of those.

When it comes to cheese, or lemon zes,t or even you can grate a little nuts on there, a Microplane is the finest grater out there, and it really just makes a ton of sense. It gives you the consistency you're looking for, and it's genius on the palate.

A perfect little brush. I spread so much olive oil all over my pizzas, especially when it comes out, so that really makes it even.

And when it comes to cutting, a pizza roller is really a simple and, of course, classic way to attack your pizza at the very, very end.

A simple spoon to spread your sauce. You're definitely gonna need one of these.

And then, the great old paddle. So, this right here is called a pizza peel. You jump right underneath the pizza. It's easy, from the table to the oven back to the table. Without this, you're in trouble.

But without any of this you can still pull it off, this just would be my suggestions.

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