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How to Make Cooked Pizza Sauce

Learn how to make cooked pizza sauce for homemade pizza in this Howcast food video.


So, if you're looking for a little bit more of a robust-flavor to your pizza, cooking your tomato sauce makes a ton of scent. It gets a lot more flavor into it, makes it a little bit richer.

So, we're going to start off with a pan that's on a medium-high heat. And, I studied in Italy. The way the Italians cut their garlic is they don't mince it. They just kind of give it a little slice. Just so you don't have a ton of garlic, you're able to kiss someone after the sauce, you know? Awesome. Perfect. Great. All of those little nubby bits can go away.

So, a little bit of olive oil hits the pan. Then, I'm just going to take all that garlic, rub it. Now, because the oil is hot, it's going to kind of break out the garlic. Raw tomato sauce, it needs a little help in that department. So, this is why it gets a little bit more flavor into it. A little bit of chili, alright, and we're going to let that kind of do its thing. About 30 seconds, just let the garlic sweeten up. It's going to be gorgeous.

While that's happening, I have my San Marzano tomatoes. And when it comes to tomatoes and making pizza sauce, there is no better tomato. It's high in acid, it brings that sweetness and the tomato flavor is so forward. So, I'm just going to pour out the juices, about half a can. And again, if you have a little bit, that's cool. If you want to break it up with your hands, absolutely do it. I like mine just a little bit more chunky. Awesome. Let's check our garlic. There we go.

So, if you look away, you can see it's kind of just bubbling. The garlic is not too ground, it's just kind of sweating. So, in with my tomatoes. Awesome. And then right back on the heat, big pinch of sugar. Big pinch of salt. And then, when it comes to basil, you don't want to go too much with it. Just kind of a couple of big hacks, right in.

Let that cook down until all the juices in the tomato evaporate, about 10 to 15 minutes and you'll have a nice, tight sauce for your pizza.

All right, so it's been about 15 minutes. My sauce has been just kind of bubbling away and all the liquid in those tomatoes is kind of concentrated into this sweet, almost caramel essence of the tomato. So, I'm going to take a little look at this and you can tell, it's just dry enough where if I draw a line between it, the tomatoes don't run together. So, it's perfectly done. I'm just going to spoon this out. Look at that. That is beautiful.

Now, if you like yours a little bit more pureed, just take a hand blender to it. But for the most part, that is a perfect tomato sauce. Try it at home.

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