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How to Make Raw Pizza Sauce

Learn how to make raw pizza sauce for homemade pizza in this Howcast food video.


So when it comes to making pizza, raw tomato sauce makes so much sense. The reason why is because when pizza is in that really high oven, it kind of cooks down and concentrates. So if you cook it before, sometimes it can over-concentrate. So keeping it raw makes it really beautiful.

So, were starting with some San Marzano tomatoes and I'm just going to strain these and try and take out as much of that juice as we can. We’re going to do about half a can of that. Just kind of let that do its thing. I'm going to take a blender here, and I’m just going to pop these guys right in. If you get a little juice in there it's not the end of the world.

Fresh Basil, non-negotiable, you need to have it. Absolutely perfumes the whole thing, a big, big [wadge] of it. A little garlic, I like to just bust it up, just to help the blender do its thing. Right in.

And you know, canned tomatoes have a lot of acidity, so sugar really helps sweeten the whole thing. So just a pinch of sugar, not too much were not looking for a dessert sauce. Huge pinch of salt.

You don't need this, but I was taught a little chili flake goes a long way, just kind of gives you a little bit of spice in the back palette. Then just a swig of olive oil. So, we’re going to grind that up. Awesome.

You don't want to break down the tomatoes to much, just enough. Smells gorgeous. You can smell the olive oil, all that basil, and this right here is a perfect tomato sauce ready to hit the oven full speed.

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