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How to Roll & Shape Pizza Dough

Learn how to roll and shape pizza dough for homemade pizza in this Howcast food video.


So don't take shaping your pizza dough so seriously, let the shape just kind of end up the way it naturally should have been.

There's 3 different ways to shape a pizza dough. If you go to a mass marketed place, a place where it's across the country they have tons of pizzeria's they're just stamping it with this big machine and it kind of flattens out, right.

The other way to do it is to actually hold it in your hand and let gravity kind of pull it, you can kind of see by even shaking it a little bit it starts to stretch and kind of open its surface area.

But the best way to do it at home is to use a rolling pin. So I just kind of flower my surface lightly right, and just flower the top of my dough. You never want it to stick, and then I'm just going to grab my rolling pin and I'm going to start in the middle, okay? And I'm going to roll all the way out. I'm going to pick it up, put it back in the middle, and roll the other way and them I'm going to twist, always making sure it doesn't stick to the counter.

So here we go, again, and the other way always picking up, always going to the edge. A big problem that a lot of people do, is they kind of do one of these actions back and forth, what that does is it makes one side really thick and the middle kind of thin so it breaks. So you want this really nice even crust, and when you’re doing kind of a classic Neapolitan dough, more like a thin crust, which most people dig, you want to stop right about here which is kind of like the bevel of your knife.

You can always take your knife, the back of it and kind of measure up, it's about the same thickness, but just kind of slap it on my hand. I grab a piece of parchment and lay it right on the parchment. And we're actually going to cook this on the parchment. The parchment is just an insurance policy, basically so it never sticks to the board. You can see it will always move, so if I build my toppings on top of this I am guaranteed my pizza will make it from the board to the oven with no problem. That's how you roll the perfect pizza.

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