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How to Toss & Stretch Pizza Dough

Learn how to toss and stretch pizza dough for homemade pizza in this Howcast food video.


All right. So after the pizza has risen and you bring it into a little ball, you press it out like this. And now it's time to stretch it and, if you want, toss it.

A lot of people think the tossing is just for show, which sometimes it is. But, actually, it uses the force of gravity to stretch the dough for you. So, first step is you can stretch the dough by just pulling around it and letting gravity pull it down. OK. Perfect. Then I slap it from side to side. This just evens it out, makes it a little bit more large.

Now, I want to toss it. So, my hand underneath the dough is going to look like this. My non-dominant hand is going to be a fist. My other hand is going to be flat. This is my dominant hand, my right hand. So, it's going to be this force. I'm going to twist back and then release. Twist back, release, and then try and catch with both so it's like this. All right?

So I'm going to get underneath there, my fist here, my hand underneath. And I'm going to wind up here, and just kind of toss. You can see the dough is actually stretching.

Look at that. Using gravity to your advantage makes an awesome pizza dough. Give it a toss.

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