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How to Make Neopolitan or Thin Crust Pizza

Learn how to make Neopolitan or thin crust pizza at home in this Howcast food video.


Alright, so a Neapolitan pizza is typically a thin crust pizza. That's kind of what we’re used to. You don't want it so thin where it's flimsy, enough where it kind of holds its shape, and typically, traditionally, there's not a lot of cheese on this.

So I'm doing kind of an oregano, garlic and just simple tomato sauce Neapolitan style here. So, I'm going to start with some olive oil, right on the top of the crust. This is my raw dough here. The olive is going to help it stay super crispy, really lush, a little bit fatty, this is exactly what you want in the beginning of every pizza, all the way to the edges. So just a little bit of salt, just from up high. Awesome.

And then, a little bit of tomato sauce, we're not going to overdo it with the tomato sauce, a lot of the times, we like to really glob it on there, but in Naples, trust me, it’s just enough, that's all they want. Just to kind of accentuate the bread. Awesome. So a lot of sliced garlic, this just kind of sprinkled throughout the back, perfect. And then a good amount of fresh oregano, right over the top. Beautiful. Who says you need cheese? This is great. Alright. So, pizza right here.

Now I always build it on a little piece of parchment paper. The parchment really makes it so it doesn't stick to the counter. It's a really good insurance policy, when you're trying to take the pizza to the oven. I'm going to grab my peel here, slide it right on. This pizza is going to go in the oven, 500 degrees for about seven to eight minutes, right on the pizza stone. Stick it right to the stone, slide it on the paper, on the stone, and forget about it. So it's been about seven to eight minutes full whack from my Neapolitan pie.

Let's take a look at it. Yes, exactly what I'm looking for. Right, so I always do the same thing, the parchment's kind of done its job, so I just hold that tight. Let the pie fall right out. Then, you always have to finish it while it’s hot. So I grab a little bit of really good olive and paint the outsides. Beautiful, look at that shine it gives, a little bit of richness, and then some good flaky smoked salt all the way around and then of course, the real deal, a little bit of Parmesan. I know it's not so traditional, in the Neapolitan world, but hey, who doesn't like a little creamy, salty Parmesan in there. So that is a classic Neapolitan pizza.

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