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How to Make Sicilian or Square Pizza

Learn how to make Sicilian or square pizza at home in this Howcast food video.


Alright guys, so I've been to Sicily a ton, and for some reason, their pizza is not circular like what we're used to. It actually pulls up on the square dimension.

So, really easy to get this shape, you start with your round and you kind of just roll out both ways, and just go length wise first. Right? You kind of achieve that before anything else, and then, you just kind of roll the side out as much as you like. So, it kind takes on more of a square or rectangle look as opposed to round. And you can always kind of help it. So, typically it would be about this thick, or even a little thicker, you can even, you know, you can put it an inch thick into a pan and they bake it for a long time and its more of like a focaccia.

But this is how I'm pulling mine off today. So I've been to Sicily a ton, like I said, and there fennel everywhere, they love their anchovies and lemon is just like, huge. It's like, groundbreaking there, it’s amazing. So, what we're going to do with this is, a little bit of olive oil, and the next move, before I even do anything is I'm going to actually put it, right on some parchment. Beautiful. What the parchment does, is allow the oil before I start spreading it around, not to keep it sticking to the board. It kind of acts as like an insurance policy. You'll see. We'll be able to roll under and peel that much easier. So I need the oil all the way to the outside. Awesome.

And we're going to start with just a little bit of anchovy, if you don't like anchovy, you know, don't worry about it, but, I honestly think it’s a game changer. I'm not a huge fan of either, but they kind of melt into the pizza, you forget their even there, so like, six or seven anchovies, you just kind of want to break these apart, spread them around. They are pretty potent so, just enough right? I have a little bit of fennel. Just kind of let that dance throughout. Awesome.

And I'm going to take some of the fronds, this is what grows on top of the fennel bulb, and just kind of rip these up, and just kind of sprinkle those from up high. Get it all nice and messy. Love it. Alright, and now I'm going to grab a lemon, and just use the zest. So I'm going to grab a little micro-plane, and just kind of grab as much of that beautiful zest as I can. And I might even, just for some extra flavor grab just a squeeze, just to kind of kiss, of the lemon. That looks great.

Ton of parmesan. Listen, I can't really do it without. Awesome.

So this is going to go in the oven for about seven to eight minutes, 500 degrees, and keep the paper right on the stone. Alright, so I can smell the fennel, the anchovies, in the air, and Sicily has taken over my kitchen. So, I'm going to check my pizza. Beautiful. So you kind of got, just a little baby pizza. It's always best to keep a small pizza at home. Don't try and do a big pie, it's a lot harder, and we don't have that much heat, but this is my little mini, square pizza. Beautiful.

So you can see that the fennel, the melted anchovy, the lemon zest, its smells amazing. But this one, it isn't so traditional but I like to do it. I like to top a little bit of fresh fennel, a little bit of squeeze of lemon, and some salt.

This is going to finish the whole thing, but before we do that, we have to do the traditional end seasoning, which is a paint of good extra virgin oil, all the way around the crust, nice smoked salt, just to hit it up.

Alright? And some good parmesan. That looks awesome. And to finish this guy up, a little bit of this lemon, kind of a zippy fennel, just kind of dot it throughout, smells gorgeous, looks insane, and it will whisk you to Sicily. This is a Sicilian style pizza.

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