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How to Make a Cheese Pizza

Learn how to make a cheese pizza with this Howcast food video.


It's kind of crazy to think about pizza without the cheese and different cheeses play different roles when it comes to making pizza at home.

So, parmesan, when you buy it, totally don't go after that little saw dust that comes in the green bottle You know exactly what I'm talking about. Look for ones that have this rind, this stamp on the back of it. That is a sign that it actually came from Italy, Parma, Italy to be exact and it's the real deal. This brings a lot of saltiness to it. I like to finish pizzas with this. Almost like a little sprinkle of salt. Got to have good parmesan.

Buffalo mozzarella. Again, don't go get the shredded come that come in bags. Get a good, fresh ball of it. Tear it up, rip it up. Leave it in a little bit of water to keep it moist. This is going to add some stretchiness to it and that mouth feel that everyone just totally digs.

Here's some goat cheese which is obviously a little bit more pungent. It adds more character to the dough. If I doing something more with a sweet tone, like figs or pears, I might sprinkle in a little goat cheese to just offset it.

Ricotta, this is like a sauce in itself. You blob this around and it melts down and it acts as its almost white sauce. It's super mild, but it gives you that perfect mouth feel that you are after. I don't have it today, but I absolutely adore something like a bleu cheese. Something that's a little bit more stinky, a little bit more pronounced as a flavor. Again, I like to pair that with sweet things and really throw people's pallets off when they bite into it. That is where I use a bleu cheese.

So, I am going to build my favorite type of cheese pizza. Really, really simple. I would start with a little bit of olive oil over the top of my crust. Just brush that through all the way to the ends. This is going to get my crust super crispy and a little bit of fattiness to the whole thing. Beautiful.

Big, big pinch of salt, awesome.

Then I'm going to take a little bit of tomato sauce. Don't overdo it with this part. It's more about the cheese than anything else. So, just a couple of big spoonful's of that right over the top. Just spread that through. You can see the basil kind of fleck all the way throughout. I love it. All the way to the edges with that. Great.

Now with this one, I'm going to start with just tearing up with some beautiful mozzarella, just dotting that throughout. This is awesome.

You want everyone to have a bite of everything in every single slice so make sure it's nice and even.

A little bit of goat cheese. Again this is really pungent so it's a little strong, but it's going to mix well with the stretchiness of the mozzarella.

I'm not going to use the ricotta because I think it will kind of overwhelm the whole pizza, but I am going to throw on a ton of parmesan cheese. This is going to start on one end. Look at this. Just kind of go throughout the whole thing. Get it on the crust. That part’s the best. Beautiful.

All right, another sling of olive oil. If you love cheese pizza, this is going to blow your mind. I'm going to throw it on my peel, here. My oven’s at 500 degrees. This is going to take about seven to eight minutes. Just going to slide it out on there and forget about it.

I can smell the cheese doing its thing. It's been about seven minutes at 500 degrees. Go in here, oh yeah. Slides out like a dream with that parchment. Pull the parchment, slide out the pizza. That looks awesome.

All I'm going to do now is grab some really good olive oil. This is my finishing oil. Just paint the outside to get that sheen, that beautiful shine. A little bit of that oil on your hands is a good thing. It's a cheese pizza, but any pizza, I'm going to top with some good parmesano reggiano. If you totally dig cheese, nothing will beat that.

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