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4 Best Pizza Topping Combinations

Learn about the four best pizza topping combinations in this Howcast food video.


We all know the basics when it comes to pizza combos and toppings that go on top, but one of my favorite things to do is kind of make a pizza that just has four different things going on and I just kind of clean out the cupboards, clean out the refrigerator, and see what I can come up with.

So this is beautiful, but now the scary part is getting this beautiful masterpiece to my oven. So it slides perfectly, because I built it on parchment right on my peel. It's going to move easily. I'm going to finish it with just a touch of olive oil.

All right, and then I'm going to throw in a little Parmesan in every square, but the pear one. I don't think it really goes that well with that guy, so just the top kind of three here. All right, and this is going to go in the oven for about, you know, seven to eight minutes, 500 degrees.

All right, my quad pizza if you will, my window pan has been in for about eight minutes, full, full whack, so I'm going to give it a look. Yep, exactly what I'm looking for. So right under the parchment, bring it right to the table, awesome. Look at that, right, you have the little sausage, beautiful, you have the little pear one with goat cheese, looks amazing.

So all I'm going to do to finish this guy off is kind of get underneath of it, paint it with just a little bit of olive oil, as I always do with every pizza I've ever made in my life. I just gives the whole thing a little shine, a little bit of presentation, but also just keeps the whole thing a little moist as well.

All right, and I take a little bit of smoke salt and this goes on the outside. This kind of emulates being outside the wood fire oven. This guy is going to hit the plate. Look at this, if you don't want to dig into that, I don't know what you want to get into. So I'm going to take this, I'm going to finish it off with just a little cheese. Oh, that looks so good, super exciting.

Hey, when you're sick with one flavor, you just jump into the next, which is awesome. Amazing, four unique combinations that will blow your mind. If you're ever just kind of in a rut, you feel like you're doing the same thing, try one of these. You'll love it.

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