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How to Grill a Pizza

Learn how to grill a pizza in this Howcast food video.


So about halfway through, about two minutes after putting my oil side down on the grill, I gave it a flip. It has this beautiful char marks, and then I turned it to the other side for just a minute. You don't want the other side to get too grilled. You can see here's the side we're going to build our toppings on. Right here is the first side where we establish the crust. So crust side down. This side is still a little raw. Okay.

I'm taking my pan off the heat. You can see all the smoke. Hey that's what happens outside in the grill. It's going to happen inside as well.

This is what we need to make a beautiful pizza on the grill. Off the heat for this step, and then to make this pizza I'm just going to throw down a little bit of tomato sauce, good, and kind of spread that throughout leaving a little bit of a crust. That's great, awesome.

Then today I have a little bit of prosciutto, so I am just going to kind of tear that up, kind of wave that where ever I see it.

This is now going to essentially bake inside our little pan which makes it genius. Perfect. A little bit of fennel, you can do some onions as well. This adds a little bit of black liquor stain going down the front, and then I really like just a touch of ricotta. Just creamy doesn't need a lot of melting action on it. Just kind of blob that where the sun don't shine. Beautiful. Awesome.

So this right here is a half-cooked pizza. Needs a little bit longer. So, I'm going to drop a little bit more olive oil, alright. Then I just take this whole pizza, and I put it on my grill pan. Now outside, I would move my pizza to a less hot and direct part of the grill. So you want something you want something that's a lot slower, a lot lower, because essentially we're trying to do now is create an oven temperature.

We've already got the crust so we don't want any more char marks, we just want to create heat all the way around.

At home, I just have my burner on a little bit lower, so I'm going to throw that on. Then just put something you can do tinfoil, I've got my pizza peel, something on top of it to deflect the steam back onto the pizza, melt that ricotta, kind of cook that fennel, and make the entire pizza sing off the grill.

All right. So, the pizza's had about five minutes using kinds of residual heat of my grill pan. Again, if you're outside, you’re moving it to the cold part of the pan just so the steam can kind of cook the topping. Let's take a look here. Yes, this is exactly what I'm looking for.

So, check this out. You've got kind of that oozy ricotta, you can see that the prosciutto kind of rendered out a little bit, even the fennel kind of wilted. That is perfect. The bottom is just this beautiful, listen, crispy crust.

So, the way I finish this one up is very similar to the way I finish any pizza up. Lots of olive oil on the outside, beautiful, just to give it a little shine. Little bit of smoked sea salt even though it's coming off the grill it just gives it a little bit more smokiness.

Then I'm going to top this one with just a little bit of parm, also. Alright. For this I think I'm just going to go, one, two, three, four. Grab my plate. Kind of just stack this around. That ricotta is just oozing out. Looks awesome. Couple of [fennel ferns] on top, and if you like grilling you're absolutely going to love grilling your own pizza.

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