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How to Make a Calzone

Learn how to make a calzone in this Howcast food video.


So I've got my pizza dough completely ready for the oven, but if you don't want to make a conventional pizza, you can always turn to making a calzone. It's that little half moon-shaped and it originates from giving people lunch to go to work with and be able to carry a pizza on the go. It's like a little pocket, so it's super easy to make.

You just grab a little olive oil, get it right on the bottom of your crust. Always do this, whether you're making pizza or calzone, it will always just keep a lot crispier and give a little bit of extra fat and unctuousness to that dough. Beautiful. A little bit of salt, awesome.

So now it's completely up to you. So I have a little soppressata. This is what I would take to lunch, if it was my dream world. So kind of just cut this up. You don't have to. You can just lay it in there. Just kind of crumble this all on one side. Leave a little space between this side, and everything else, okay?

I have a little bit of broccoli, this is going to kind of steam inside the pocket, give me just a little bit of veg. Same with my beautiful little zucchini here. Awesome, and then just some torn basil. Awesome, really fragrant, right? Don't have to worry too much about that.

Little bit of extra salt over the top and then I'm just going to tear up just a little piece of mozzarella. I'm just building it high. You can see I'm not kind of building out so much. I really just kind of want it all in a pile, again, leaving a little bit of a lip here on the end, okay?

So now I want to actually make the pocket and the way you do that is really simple. You just take your dough and you fold it right over the top. So you kind of start with this half moon, and you start by just kind of pressing around it, and then I'm just going to kind of pinch and fold. Pinch and fold.

You don't have to do it this way, you can do it a million different ways. You can kind of go the other way, if you wanted, so it shows just a little bit prettier. All right, so just kind of pinch and fold. Pinch and fold and keep it rustic. Keep it looking homemade. Then at the very end, I kind of use this as a tail and I pull it out and just kind of squeeze it really tight, so you have kind of this nice little package here.

Then when workers would take this to work, usually it was the wives cooking. They would put their initials in it, so they knew which one's which. So you also know what's inside your calzone. So since I'm making this for How Cast, I'm putting the little H right in the top of my pie.

Perfect, so there's my calzone. You want to kind of give it a couple of holes, just to kind of let the veg breathe, and then I'm going to move this whole thing to a piece of parchment. Then that piece of parchment is going to get one more brushing of oil right over the top. This is going to really help brown it, give it that nice sheen.

That's great. Then I like a little cheese, a little Parmesan right over the top. It kind of bakes into it, makes the whole thing look a little bit more sexy, gives it a little bit more character. This is going in the oven about 450 degrees, for about 15 minutes until the outside is like a shell. The inside, all the veg is steamed, the fat from the soppressata has wiggled throughout. It's amazing. Quick little dish on the go.

All right, so if I was an old-school wife in Italy and I was cooking for my man who's going off to work and I was making a calzone for him, now is the time I would check it. It's been about 15 minutes, 450 degrees. Yes, it even got a little charred here, that's awesome. You get a little smokiness. It kind of looks like it came out of a brick oven. Just kind of peel the paper away. Awesome.

All right, and normally you want to let this calzone kind of just set up, for about 5 minutes. You can see how much steam is in there, that cooked the broccoli. That kind of broke down the soppressata, but I'm going out there today, so a great way to serve this is just grab a little knife. Listen to that. That is amazing and if you look inside, that's insane.

So a little bit of finishing oil right over the top, just to give that whole thing just a little bit more unctuousness. Good amount of Parmesan and if you love a calzone or just looking for a way to take pizza to work with you, check out this recipe.

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