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How to Make Gluten-Free Pizza

Learn how to make gluten-free pizza in this Howcast food video.


So, gluten free is everywhere these days, and I am sure you're wondering, can you take it to the pizza world? And the answer is, absolutely. Gluten free people are enjoying pizza every single day.

The way you need to do this, you need to make a flour mixture. Usually in that flour mixture, is sorghum, potato starch, and tapioca. And it's all about ratios. Usually, one potato starch, one sorghum, and half tapioca. So, that's kind of your flour mixture. Then you bloom the yeast the exact same way in warm water, maybe a touch of honey just so it eats it.

Now, there's no gluten in obviously this flour mixture, and gluten is what makes pizzas stretchy. So, it's the stretchiness that really makes people kind of skeptical of gluten free pies, but really xanthum gum is always added to pizzas to give it that stretchy, traditional flour texture. It works great, but the key is, you cannot bake it on a stone like a conventional pizza. You have to press it into a pan, it helps hold its shape, but also I've had stone gluten free pizzas before and they tend to stick. I think it's the xanthum gum, and also the sorghum kinds of seeps into the stone, making it tough.

So, always do it on a sheet tray, and I promise you gluten free can absolutely make it to the pizza world.

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