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How to Make Whole-Wheat Pizza

Learn how to make whole-wheat pizza in this Howcast food video.


So I get asked all the time, is whole wheat pizza possible at home? And the answer is, it's so possible, it tastes delicious, and of course you get those nutrients that you're after.

Now, there is ratios, right? You can do a full-on, whole wheat pizza. Whole wheat flour, that's it. But what's going to happen to your pizza is it's going to be a little bit more like a cracker. The gluten won't have a ton of time to form, and it will be a lot denser, thicker, and a little bit heavier than just a pizza with all purpose white flour.

If you want a great ratio, you still want the sweetness and the nuttiness coming from the whole wheat flour, a great ratio would be 70% whole wheat flour, to 30% all purpose flour. If you mix those together, go through the recipe with the same amount of yeast, everything else, it's going to come out gorgeous. You'll have the stretchiness you're looking for, with that beautiful, kind of rich, golden flavor that the whole wheat provides.

So give it a shot. Whole wheat pizza is for everyone.

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